CELIM Slovakia je jedným z prispievateľov na nezávislom geotermálnom blogu, ktorý uverejňuje populárne články s geotermálnou tematikou v anglickom jazyku. Medzi najzaujímavejšie a najdiskutovanejšie články patria tieto:


CELIM Slowakei besitzt einen von unabhängigen Autoren betriebenen geothermal Blog, der vielebeliebte Artikel mit geothermischer Thema in englischer Sprache veröffentlicht. Zu den interessantesten und am meisten diskutierten Artikel gehören:

Application of electrical plasma is the most qualified method for drilling deep wells

Slovak and Austrian research teams have been dealing with research of a new deep-drilling technology during...

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Peter said...

Very interesting article. I hope you will complete your research succesfully. Good luck!

Geothermal and Oil Industry should cooperate on drilling

Last week, some of our colleagues participated at GeoPower Europe 2009 Conference in Munich in Germany...

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Oil Stocks said...

geothermal energy and oil industry should cooperate with drilling really i agree with you really you show very effective impressive points really i totally flat with some points actually i am also belong this industry that's why i know the value of this blog means value of that blog points .thanks for giving us.

Geothermal means sexy - women know that!

When we today checked the statistics of Geothermania‘s Facebook site, we were really surprised. We found...

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Tomas said...

I was surprised that ladies are so interested in the geothermal energy, but honestly, I was really happy that I’m finally in the sector where high tech is the cardinal player and still girls like it a lot.

But at the same time I started to think about it and I came to following reasons:

1. Geothermal has natural connection to the Mother Earth, which for me is the closest meaning in the Nature Dictionary for “Woman”.

2. Geothermal means “Green” which is the synonym for Nature, which evokes emotions, sensation, passion, scent, flavor and other non tangibles which has natural affection to our gentle part of the humankind.

3. Geothermal energy evokes heat which is out there and has ability to protect and give energy for life and attract at the same time. (likewise men do)

4. Geothermal has positive influence on the Climate Change, which attract, make vigilant and give possibility to defend our Mother Earth to our “Beauties”

Ladies... what do you think about these thoughts?

Igor said...

Ladies from 25 to 34 years, right age category for starting right business or family :) "Mother Earth" offers us a lot of energy, so why not to think of it, how to take it? We are trying, and it gives us plenty of positive energy to know that hundreds of people are supporting us.

mmiso said...

Wow, the age of 25 is then the most suitable for starting the best things in life :-)) Good to know... So, as the man in 25, I should expect 9 full years of happiness and prosperity :-))

The most famous „Hot Dry Rocks“ in Europe

From the west to the east, from Sweden to France - hot dry rocks are not just some stones somewhere on...

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Tomas said...

Geothermal is always there, radiating without our contribution. No it is no renewable, because it is radiating the energy from the core of the Earth. But, hmmmm, what about to use it? ... Simple matter of fact. Mainstream of generating energy or moreover renewable energy is to generate tons of CO2, metan, different dangerous toxic vapors, generating pure? „solar“ and effective ? „wind“ energy. Isn’t this because of money? Too much invested ? ... Revenue needed ? ... Aren't we in the by-road ? .. Hmmm, what could be the most promising use of alternative energy than ?

There are (on first view) big problems to simple questions regarding geothermal energy, but in the same sentence I have to say there are beautiful solutions to those questions...

Geothermal doesn’t have European Parliament lobby behind it, nor oil, or nuclear resources (compared to solar, wind, biofuels). Also main US DOE and Google investments shots seems to be also not the right ones, so what to do ? ... We believe that geothermal energy needs revolutionary „novel approach“, but still double-checked with “opposition” represented by skilled and experienced guys they are doing their progress in old fashioned manner.

So lets make the revolution happen ...

Carlota said...

The people that believe no lobby is behind Geothermal exploitation are very inocent indeed. The oil-associated industry needs to get the money back from the research and development invested in the last years. Oil resources are gone. The best next thing is the deep geothermal exploitation. Same technology... drilling some kilometers in the soil, pumping water in, getting something out (thermal water)... it is exactly the same proceedure... including the same problems associated before with oil exploitation are known for geothermal: land subsidence (Cerro Prieto, Mexico; Waikerei, New Zealand; Larderello, Italy; Travale, Italy; etc), man-made earthquakes (The Geysers, CA-USA; Basel, Switzerland; Landau, Germany; Unterhaching, Germany) and ecological damages (El Tatio, Chile).

John Lund: Geothermal energy is very competitive

Geothermal energy is currently at least understood type of renewable energy sources, says Mr. John Lund in an...

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Alaa Faqeeh said...

Technological Obstacles to EGS - Solutions:

I am totally excited about the EGS technology and how they will finally help the world move away from the dangerous consequences of using radioactive materials in nuclear reactors.

I read some of the comments posted above regarding some of the obstacles, including the availability of water.

Why cant water ( or any other fluid ) be used in a closed loop cycle. Is it important that water be injected directly and have a direct contact with the hot rocks. If the closed loop cycle designed in a way that will increase the contact area between water and the pipes at very deep levels ( where is the high temperature), then heat transfer can be achieved as efficiently as if water has direct contact with the rocks. The closed cycle system will reduce water loss and the need to compensate for water lost through evaporation.

I look forward to reading your suggestions/comments.

B.Sc., Chemical Engineering

Tomas said...

Dear Alaa, I find you as one of those „awakened“ to the solution of climate change problems...

Simply saying, I would divide nowadays barrier to the geothermal power engineering revolution to the two „simple“ tasks:

a. Drill deep enough (8-10 km) and repeat it at least twice far away apart

b. Make an „engineered“ well defined junction between those drills
Those „simple“ tasks are the most important and I see it as enablers of the energy revolution. The thing is that we are heavily trying and are confident, based on long year R&D experience, that there is a solution we are able to introduce together with some important technology and bussines players around the world ...

Coming to your question, regarding the water loss; our philosophy is to build something what is predictable, designable, calculable, and not left to our worshiped Mother Nature. So, again straight to your question, yeas we are intensively working on the technology, which will allow us to have close cycle with, almost zero evaporation.

Best regards and thank you for your valuable comments


Imagine the solution lying just under your feet

Mankind nowadays faces the challenge of finding balance between the economic growth, finding new ways...

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Google's Geothermal Adventure Failed

AltaRock Energy Inc, which is the start-up company backed by ICT giant Google, suspended Wednesday's...

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Anna said...

Yesterday, the New York Times reported, that AltaRock Energy, a geothermal developer backed by Google and other venture capital big wigs, gave notice to the Department of Energy that it would abandoned its Geysers drilling project, located north of San Francisco. The DOE confirmed that AltaRock had given notice and that it was walking away from the project.


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